Dana Huhn has often always been found making or creating something. With a background in fine arts, graphic arts, small business and an Art History degree (UBC), she ran a handbag + accessory brand called UBAGZ DESIGNS from 2004-2009. Quickly, her brand expanded into home décor & other items and were featured in magazines & newspapers locally and internationally. 
Years later


I typically do not use a paintbrush. I hand pour my paint, use a straw, heat gun or hair dryer to tilt and sway different paint mediums around on the canvas. Every painting is a unique collaboration of colour, chemistry, and composition. As a student of art history, I was pulled towards abstract painting. Action painters like Jackson Pollock and Helen Frankenthaler, in addition to colour field and abstract expressionist artists inspired my way of thinking about art. 

My pieces are made with acrylics, alcohol inks, resin and a variety of other mediums. For some of my work, I incorporate my photography. I draw my colour schemes and inspiration from nature, such as a BC mountain landscape, a tropical ocean’s coral sea, a storm on Jupiter, or a peacock’s feather. In addition to painting canvases, I also enjoy using my painting technique to create functional art and home décor items.